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Glass Cage of Emotion
Mein Name auf Arabisch -> سبرينة
灰色の 水曜日よ ~ ♥ (Gray Wednesday)
안녕하세요 (Nice to meet you; Hello; Korean)

Don't be afraid to be deceived,
for the world is already full of deception. (Toshiro)

そう、何ものも わたしの世界を変えられはしない
That's right, nothing else can change my world.

doitsumo koitsumo, Doesn't matter who it is
bukkowarechimae I'll fucking break them

We all die as we are born. We always find the end before the beginning.

We are similar in our lonliness and being pained when someone is nice to us.
"You are not a burdensome shinigami"

I don't care, I don't care, I don't care.


I had a dream last night... I had gotten old... and I was at the same company,
doing the same job.
I have no hobbies, nor do I have any ambitions...
but a future like that wouldn't be so bad.
(Calling - Kapitel 6)


So many places, so many ways,
there's no way home, nowhere I belong.

(O9 Days Wonder - Akeboshi)

Ich bin traurig und weiß nicht wieso. Mein Lieblingsgefühl ... NOT -.-
Echt, mir geht's mal wieder gar nicht gut. Auf interpals kehren mir viele den Rücken zu (solche Seiten sind wohl echt nichts für mich ._.), ich hab mir grad ne Liste mit den 12 Top Emotional OSTs zusammengestellt, gestern Harry Potter 7.2 auf Englisch geschaut und war heute in "König der Löwen 3D" im Kino. Erklärt wohl einiges. I'M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!!!

Und so zerbröselt der Keks nunmal,


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